Monday, October 18, 2004

In honor of Nutjob...

Nutjob is out of the office today, which is disappointing because a large group of us are taking one of the girls out to lunch for her birthday. I figured that would be good for at least one entry in the blog. But alas, Loserboyfriend's grandfather died, so she will be attending the funeral with him. (The boyfriend, not the grandfather). In her honor, I've decided to share an entry from my own private blog. See, when I shut down the original blog, I realized that a lot of funny stories would be lost, so I decided to keep writing them and just saving them on my computer for posterity. Turns out I now have fodder for slow blog days. I'm so smart. I hope you don't mind a week-old entry:

From Monday, October 11th.
Well Nutjob's back from her latest foray to her favorite tropical paradise. In case you've lost track, this is her third trip there in the space of a year. I'm trying not to be jealous of the fact that she was exploring a lava tube and hiking all over an active volcano... but hey, I had the Mount St Helens volcano-cam to watch all week. But I digress... Musketeer #3 has been asking her all about her trip, so I keep hearing snippets of conversation. Naturally, my ears perked up with I heard her say "I got lost! I was almost on the news because I got lost!" From what I gathered, Loserboyfriend was apparently so affected by altitude sickness that he declined to go on a tour of the telescope observatory on Mauna Kea, and had to stay in the hotel room in bed. Not to be deterred, Nutjob went on the tour by herself. At one point in the tour, she wandered off to look through a telescope and when she finally rejoined the group, she didn't realize it was the wrong group until she started asking when they get their hot chocolate, and everyone looked at her like she was nuts- evidently there was no hot chocolate involved in that tour. (suckers!) She found her way back to her group, but not before they had reported that one member was missing. Loserboyfriend saw this on the news as he lounged in the hotel room, and later said he just knew it was her. (No hint of concern, by the way, just amusement that she was the one who'd gone missing). Now, I figure she must have been gone for a long time in order for them to be reporting a missing tour member. Surely people wander off all the time and get behind their group... so she must have really been out there for a while. I wonder what she was staring at?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Probably screwing some dude against a palm tree.

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