Sunday, October 17, 2004

Later, Alligator

Lucky you, you get to read a blog that has God (or Pele) on it's side. See, I was tossing the idea of resurrecting "the blog" around in my brain (including the half that ChinaGirl keeps in her head), not really sure if I should start it up again, when lo and behold, two morsels of such juicy blogginess were presented to me that I took it as a sign.

On Monday of this week, Nutjob returned from her 3rd Hawaiian vacation in the space of one year. Since this vacation coincided with her (may i remind you, 50th) birthday, she naturally assumed that Loserboyfriend would propose to her this time. She went so far as to make reservations for sunset boat rides, sunset dinners on sunset sands, all to give him the perfect opportunity. I think it goes without saying that she was sorely disappointed.

Jane, the Mosquito and I took Nutjob out for a belated birthday lunch yesterday, an event that is worthy of it's own post, now that I think about it. She was fine the whole time at lunch, perky as ever, babbling nonsensically about Hawaii and competing with the Mosquito for know-it-all points. I'm not sure exactly how what came next unfolded. I can only surmise that Loserboyfriend left her a voicemail or sent her an email that she received upon our return from gorging ourselves. Apparently, she called FunkyChick, sobbing, and said he'd told her that he wasn't making any money here and was going to move to North Carolina. And that he'd send her a postcard... "or something". I must confess, this is a low-class stunt even for him.

However, I'm a little confused, because it wasn't long after that, that she was her old self again, and nothing has been mentioned since then. I wonder if it was his idea of some kind of sick joke... because it smacks of his demented "sense of humor" that really is just a thinly veiled excuse to screw with her and insult her. I suppose only time will tell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey honey! I'm gay! Just kidding! ha ha ha - you should've seen the look on your face!

Loserboyfriend - the world's next Carrottop.

Mr. Ring of Fire

11:07 AM  

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