Tuesday, November 02, 2004

And it's only 9:30...

This morning, the General came back to our area, and Musketeer decided to antagonize him. (For my new readers, the General is a short of stature guy with some very vehement opinions on things... such as gays, jews, women, etc. He's also got more than a touch of OCD. He urges everyone to listen to Michael Savage... that's where he's coming from). So, Musketeer #1 said to him as he walked past, "So, you voted for Kerry this morning, right?" Since I was in the line of fire, I piped up.

Me: Aw come on, I'm sitting here between you two, don't get him started now.

Musketeer #1: Come on General, we all voted for Kerry over here, all 3 of us.

Me: How do you know who I voted for?

Musketeer #1: I surmised. Who'd you vote for?

Me (with a smirk): Kerry.

The General came back around from where he'd gone and Musketeer #1 goaded him some more. (The kicker is, Musketeer #1 hasn't voted yet, and isn't voting for Kerry. He's either going to vote Green or write in his son's name, he hasn't decided yet.)

Musketeer #1: General, we all voted for Kerry. Musketeer #3, me, SilentWitness.

The General (stunned): What? You voted for Kerry?

Me (whispering to Musketeer #1, out of General's view): thanks a lot

The General: Let me tell you. Let me tell you what I watched last night. I watched that movie about Kerry about what he did to the POW's... if you had watched that movie, there's no way you could vote for that scumbag.

Fortunately, I had a cube partition separating me and The General, so I just kept quiet and pretended to work. The General wasn't done yet though. He got all geared up and started spouting off about the movie. Musketeer #3 stood up to him and thankfully they had a (somewhat) civilized debate. It's far too early to have to worry about another brawl in here.
After the smoke cleared, Jane came over to my cube and whispered to me:

Jane: You tell me how I fit in around here. Nobody asked me who I voted for. I was just completely ignored.

Me (stunned that she was even hurt over this): He was standing right next to me, Jane, that's why he asked me. Besides, you hate him anyway.

Jane: I know, but I get left out of everything. I just don't fit in here.

I cannot believe she just got upset because she didn't get included in that debacle. And there I was trying my best to stay out of it. I am surrounded by insane people.

Also: Nutjob flip-flop update. She is now voting for Kerry because she likes "that guy Bill Edwards. He's pretty cute." Help me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My half retarded neighbor is voting for Bush because her grandmother told her to.. this is the same neighbor who's kid realized recently that she was too fat and lazy to run after her - which has now become entertainment for Jack and I to watch when we're bored.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jane, who did you vote for?

You voted for him? What are you doing!?! Did you have an idiot croissant for breakfast?!?!?

There you go Jane, now you should feel all fitted in.

Mr. Ring of Fire

10:11 AM  
Blogger darth said...

jane should be ecstatic not to be drawn into the drama.

11:47 AM  

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