Wednesday, November 17, 2004

What was that about sympathy?

Here and now, I vow that I will not be sucked in to feeling sorry for Nutjob ever again. You all can hold me to it, in fact I'm begging you to. Here is why I have lost patience with her. Laughing Hermit is right... she chose this. The fact that she is in complete denial and is living in a total fantasy world precludes me from feeling sorry for her.

1) The shrink is not for her, because she recognizes that she has a problem. The shrink is for both of them, for couples counseling, to "fix" the relationship. This is the reason she was bouncing off the walls this morning. I briefly considered drugs, but it was only because she was so excited to go see the shrink, because she thinks he will just magically fix the relationship.

2) She picked this particular shrink because he "fixed" her friend's relationship, and the friend and her partner ended up getting married. (You see it now, right? You see that there is no getting through to this woman?)

3) She is in complete and utter denial about the fact that LoserBoyfriend does not see this as an exlcusive relationship, and wants to (and has) date other people.

4) She is in complete denail about the fact that she is 50 years old, and he is 38, and that this age difference bothers him slightly.

Mr. Ring of Fire was also right- this will not last. The shrink will tell her something she doesn't want to hear, and she will not go back. I give it one more session- today's session was for her alone, and the next one will be for both of them. She'll hang in there long enough to get LoserBoyfriend to go with her, but the second the shrink makes a single observation that is obvious to the entire rest of the planet, she will get indignant, and not go back. She does not want to hear anything that contradicts the world she's made up for herself.

Newsflash Nutjob: therapy is not fun. It is not a magic elixir. It will not make your snake of a boyfriend suddenly want to be monogamous with you. It rips off your skin, exposing your guts, which get twisted around and wrenched into positions they should not be forced into and leaves you wondering what hit you, and why the fuck are you doing this in the first place. Not that I'd know firsthand or anything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I toldja so I toldja so I toldja so.

Pay up.

Mr. Ring of Fire

3:39 PM  

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