Tuesday, November 16, 2004

You want fries with that?

Most of the brokers here are independent contractors, and so keep their own strange schedules. Because much of their job consists of showing space and going to meetings, no one bats an eye when they're not around. In fact, we want them to not be around, we want them to be out "pounding the pavement" as HeadHoncho says, looking for new business. But it would be naive of me to think that anytime a broker was not in the office he was actually doing, ha ha ha, work. In all of this mess of brokers coming and going whenever they please, PartnerInCrime and I have noticed that one broker in particular has a very rigid weird schedule. He comes in early, usually before 8:30, and is gone every day by 10. We suspect he has a second job, and have a lot of fun speculating what that second job might be. We often say we'd love to follow him and see where he goes every day at 10.

I've been pestering this broker (nicely, for now) for some paperwork I need to close a file, and I just happened to walk past his desk this morning. He was standing there with his coat on and when I said hi, he mentioned he'd emailed someone about getting copies of the documents I need. Note: It was 10 a.m.

Me: Oh great. Could you forward that to me, so I can print it out for the file? It helps to have a paper trail.

Him: *blank stare* Uh.... Tomorrow? I was just about to leave.

Me: Oh, sure no problem. I saw you with your coat on and thought you were just coming in. (silly me. silly, silly me)

Him: No, I'm on my way out. I've been here since 8:30!!!

Me: Whoa, long day!

My sarcasm was lost on him. I'm going to pull up to a Wendy's drive through window one day and see him there, I just know it.

And here is the Irritating Thing of the Day:
Jane was out sick yesterday with a cold (for real this time). Today she's back, and still not feeling good. She sits in the cube right on the other side of mine, but the cube walls are high and we can't see each other. She keeps making this noise, a little "mmm" noise, every few minutes. I think she's clearing her throat. Either that or she's got a little mechanical friend in there with her, because that's what it sounds like.


Blogger darth said...

8:30 to 10 every day? i want his fucking job!

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