Thursday, December 23, 2004

Hell hath no fury...

Just because Nutjob has been relatively quiet and withdrawn doesn't mean she's not scheming something. She's been milking this breakup for far too long now. The way she's been carrying on, you'd think her mother died. FunkyChick gave her a gift today, a very nice crystal candle thing, shaped like a moon. When she opened it, she just said "Oh."

FunkyChick: Oh... don't you like it? I thought you loved candles.

Nutjob: Oh, I can't use candles anymore. They make me think of Loserboyfriend. And, and well we used to look at the moon all the time (bursts into tears).

So to soothe her broken heart, she's decided to become a slut. Remember the booty call she flew 1000 miles for? Well, she called him up, I guess to rekindle the relatioship, and he told her he has made a committment to another girl he's involved with (who is also a good 800 miles away from him). Not to be outdone, Nutjob said "what if I offered you an all expenses paid trip to the Florida Keys?". Being a man of no principles, he accepted. Now she is paying to take him to the Keys, and is already planning a trip to California for Valentine's Day.

Also overheard from her phone conversations: there is some girl she no longer wants anything to do with, as she adamantly repeated over and over to whomever was on the other end of the line. Later in the afternoon, she swore she would sue this girl if she said anything to her. Wow. Lasst stop- deep end!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1,000 miles booty call. Do you know how many blind-drunk people you have to fly over just to do that?

Sheesh, hang out at the bus station and just see what rolls in, nutjob... I mean, besides from your family.

Mr. Ring of Fire

1:08 PM  

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