Friday, January 14, 2005

Fly away, birdie

This weekend Nutjob is going on her booty call. I'm starting to feel echoes of the Hawaii obsession, because she has talked nonstop about this trip since she walked in the door this morning. She has asked every single person who walks by her desk (except for me, the office Black Widow) if they think her flight will be delayed. This then turns into a discussion of the weather, and in Musketeer #2's case, bitter complaints about the fact that we haven't seen the sun for two whole days.

She has also run into Jane's cube at least 5 times so far (she's in there now) to show her a bag she bought, a pair of shoe's she's bringing with her, some kind of beach getup, etc. She prattles on about each object- where she bought it, when she used it last, etc. The current fixation is a bag she'd like to take. She has asked at least three people whether they think the bag is too big to take as a "purse". When the person balks she says "Well! People take laptops!!!" A discussion of how many carryons you're allowed to bring leads into a discussion about boarding early, which she apparently must do because she gets cold, and has to amass a pile of blankets and pillows before anyone else gets near her. God help me, she's only been here for an hour and I'm ready to kill her.

I am getting some amount of amusement out of the fact that she keeps running to Jane to show her all this stuff, when I know Jane couldn't care less but is too polite to blow her off.

Also... last night at quitting time, the Three Musketeers, the General and PartnerInCrime went down the street to the local watering hole. They didn't invite any of us, which is fine by me, but apparently it bothered Nutjob. This morning, as each of the revellers walked past her desk, she loudly asked "So! How was drinking last night!" Most of the guys just humored her and said they had a good time, but the General must have got the hint because he apologized for not inviting her. She promptly responded, in her newfound snotty tone of voice: "Oh. Well, I was busy anyway."

There is a rumor that we will be moving soon. I will make offerings to all the gods that my cube is nowhere near hers in the new space.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a black widow? Sheesh, has anyone mentioned this to Silent Husband?!?!?

And does Nutjob realize she's 50 or what? Wait, no, she's psychotic, nevermind.

10:04 AM  

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