Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Off to a slow start

Nutjob and the Three Musketeers must have been taking their medication lately, because there hasn't been much of interest going on. Except of course for the conversation about gun ownership, which I will relate at a later time.

But I thought I'd let you in on a few observations of some habits of my co-workers. Nutjob's nose-picking booger-eating affinity is already well documented, but here are some others:

Jane has the habit of repeatedly rubbing her hands together, with the same motion you make if you are trying to warm them up after having been out in the cold. I can hear her doing this on the other side of my cube wall, and it always makes me think of 1) a fly continuously rubbing it's front legs together; or 2) Montgomery Burns. I half expect to hear her whisper "Eeeeexcellent".

The Mosquito, I just noticed, while she's standing and talking to me, scratches various places on her upper inner thigh. It's like a more subtle version of what my boss does when she runs into my cube, looks around to make sure no one is watching, and scratches at the hair growing back in. (I will leave it at that. You're all intelligent enough to piece it together).

And speaking of scratching, HeadHoncho has the embarassing habit of unwittingly (I hope!) adjusting himself in the middle of a conversation.

And of course, since I'm an equal opportunity revealer, I will tell you all what my strange habit is. I rub my nose. I'm paranoid that to others this looks like I'm *wiping* my nose on my hand when in fact what I'm doing is sort of scratching it. I have persisent, year-round allergies, and my nose always kind of tingles. I have discovered that I've developed the habit of rubbing the very end of it without even realizing it. It's a little embarassing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, that whole bit of the hair growing back in - WHOA, way more information than I ever needed to know.

As for the Misquito, obviously she's either been bitten by her namesake, or is trying to come on to you.

Mr. Ring of Fire

PS I just thought you were just trying to mimick "Bewitched" all those times when you scratched your nose (just in case you couldn't twinkle it like Tabitha does -w/o her hands.)

9:49 AM  

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