Sunday, February 27, 2005

Germs Suck

Well, boys and girls, I got hit with the flu stick. Tuesday afternoon the chills and aches came on, and by the time I got home I went straight to bed and stayed there for three days. So, tomorrow should be fun, getting all caught up on what I missed (work and gossip) in the midst of all the ninnies running around wringing their hands about the snow. I'm still not feeling that great, maybe I can feign exhaustion and leave early.

One thing I found interesting though... late Tuesday afternoon, I was on the phone with my boss, who has the uncanny ability to tell by my voice if something isn't quite right. So when she asked, I told her I was feeling pretty awful. She reminded me that I have plenty of sick days and chided me for never taking them. I also mentioned to Silent Husband when he called that I was feeling quite ill. Hmmm. Interesting, when I called my boss on Wednesday morning to inform her that I was in fact going to be taking a sick day, she said Jane had called out too. I checked my voice mail remotely to see if anyone else had called out, and there was Jane's message. She sounded perfectly fine. I don't know what she thought she gained by calling out on the same day as me, but I've given up trying to figure her out. Just let her sit there and stew in her cube while everyone comes by and comments on how long I was gone and how I must have been so sick and how they missed me. (Yes, they say they missed me even after one day- I think they get nervous because they know I pay them).

Oh, and my prediction for the snow? We close by 2pm.


Anonymous China Girl said...

You'll be out within an hour of the first flake. Given the latest forecast, I'd have to agree with your 2pm prediction.

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you'll be out of there at 3pm.

Oh, and in honor of the Oscars, I'd like to thank the cold wind front, the Noreaster, and all of the flakes out there, including my agent Bernie, and manager Mack for this snowstorm. God bless.

Mr. Ring of Million Dollar Baby Fire

1:58 PM  
Blogger SilentWitness said...

Well much to my surprise we lasted until 3:30. How's that for a record.

6:06 PM  

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