Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Prozac Nation?

Musketeer #3 approached me this morning and asked me if Nutjob was on any kind of medication. I told him I didn't know (and restrained myself from saying that she certainly needs to be), and warily asked why.

Musketeer #3: Did you hear that voice mail she left?

Uh oh. Nutjob does the general voicemails (which go to all voicemail boxes) about upcoming meetings. I hadn't heard the message yet, so of course, I picked up my phone and listened. It wasn't what she said- that was totally normal. It was how she said it. First of all, not a stammer or random unrelated word to be found, which in itself is very unusual, but the thing which prompted Musketeer #3 to inquire as to her possibly medicated state was her tone of voice. It was frighteningly, falsely cheerful. An image came to mind of her standing on her desk, gun in hand, brightly explaining why she had to kill us all.

After she was done with her shift at the front desk (we still aren't allowed to hire a receptionist), she came back to her desk. In that same scary tone of voice she addressed Musketeer #3.

Nutjob: Did you like my voicemail?!

Musketeer #3: It was very peppy.

Nutjob: That's my DJ voice!

This is an interesting development. Perhaps she's moonlighting as a DJ, doing bar mitzvah gigs. Welcome to adulthood, kid. Watch out for that DJ, she likes to date younger men.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to Duble-yaaaaa Nnnnn Uuuuu Tttttt. All nut all the time. You give us 22 minutes, we’ll give you a migraine.

Mr. Ring of Fire

9:51 AM  

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