Friday, February 18, 2005

A small victory (or is it?)

I completely forgot to mention this- I must be getting lax in my reporting. Remember the birthday lunches that I wanted to ban? (See 12/14/04 post entitled "Happy F-ing Birthday") I got my wish. I mentioned it to my boss, who was inclined to agree anyway, and during an administrative meeting, she brought it up and we discussed what to do instead. The decision was made to order pizza for whoever's birthday it is that month, similar to what we do with the ice cream cake, only just for staff, not for the entire office. Recall that I originally thought we should take each other out on our own time if we really wanted to do something for that person- now it has evolved into the office paying for a pizza party, on company time. Not that I care about wasting company time, I do quite a lot of that, but the principle remains the same- someone is inevitably going to have a problem with some part of this plan.

I believe we don't have a staff birthday until April or May, so I won't be able to report on the result of this experiment until then. Just know this. Nutjob's birthday is a day after mine. Guess what topping I'll be stuck with on my "birthday" pizza: pineapple. Yay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loathe office-held birthday parties and only go to ones where the person of honor is someone I actually like. I know this makes me seem quite the anti-socialite at the office, but I'm not going to smile and play nice when I have work to do.

Sheesh, you're (insert age here), do you really need to have your success of living validated by your coworkers?

Mr. Ring of Fiiiiiiiiire!

4:12 PM  

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