Monday, March 14, 2005


Nutjob must be feeling ignored again, because she let fly with one of those sneezes. When my dad sneezes, you think the house is going to come down. Nutjob's are even worse than that because she kind of yells at the same time. So, she sneezed, and several people nearby (myself NOT included) grudgingly said "Bless you". Musketeer #2 must have taken his fiesty pills this morning. Also, let me supply a disclaimer in advance: my overuse of exclamation points here is not some remnant of my 14 year old note-writing-in-class days, it's purely to emphasize that everything she says this morning is loud, and falsely bright and chirpy.

Musketeer #2: Nutjob, I don't know if you heard it, but someone over at the airport said "bless you". (we work near a small airport)

Nutjob: What?!

Musketeer #2: I said someone at the airport said "bless you".

Nutjob: At O'Hare?!!

Musketeer #2: Yeah, at O'Hare.

Nutjob: But that's all the way in Chicago!!!

Musketeer #2: [pained laughter]

Nutjob: I thought you were going to say Honolulu!!!

Musketeer #2 walked away muttering "god bless her", and then apparently thought better of it, because he came back and told her "Don't even start, with Hawaii".

Nutjob: You, know, pretty soon I'll have another countdown!!!

He just walked away, shaking his head.

For those of you who were not with me with my last blog, this woman is obsessed with Hawaii. She went there on vacation 3 times in the space of 18 months. Before her first trip, all we heard every day was how many days she had left before she left. She started this countdown somwhere around day 210. Now that Loserboyfriend and she are on the outs, she has nothing big to plan and blab about. Oh wait, make that "had nothing". Her family is going on a cruise in January (yes, 2006) and for the last week or so, all we've heard is her dithering about whether to go or not. She asked everyone for their opinion. Everyone but me, of course. She knows better. But, now that she's apparently decided to go, we are evidently going to be treated to another infamous "Nutjob countdown". I'm going to have my own countdown: how many days before I shove her into a volcano.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll start the countdown at 72 days... just cause you'll wait for the airfare to come down a bit.

Mr. Ring of Fire

11:38 AM  

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