Friday, March 18, 2005

How to tell the wife pays the bills in this marriage

Puppydog (the salesperson who cheerfully bounces along wherever FLS goes) called to find out how to cancel his direct deposit, since he was closing his bank account. I emailed him the form to fill out, and told him to call me if he had questions... as I knew he would.

Puppydog: Uh.... ok, so I check off where it says "delete account"?

Me: Yeah.

Puppydog: And that's it?

Me: No, you need to provide the account number there.

P: Oh. How do I know what my account number is?

(oh boy)

Me: It's on your checks, and it's on your statements. Do you have a check in front of you?

P: Yeah. I see the routing number... I guess the rest of those numbers are my account number?

Me: Well, usually the check number itself is down there, with a zero in front of it.

A few more seconds and we'd figured out which was the check number and which was the account number. That was pretty much it until I reminded him (as it says in big letters on the top of the form) to attach a voided check so corporate could verify that it was in fact his account.

P: Wait. You want me to put a bogus check with this?

Me: Just take a check out of your checkbook, write "void" on it, and staple it to the form.

P: Oh! Ok, that's easy!

Oh gee, I guess I should have just said "attach a voided check" in the first place, eh? Idiot.


Blogger Craig said...

Heh heh heh . . . I'd laugh at him except he sounds like ME at MY new job . . . Hey, SW, wanna switch jobs?

10:50 PM  

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