Wednesday, March 16, 2005

She's psychic now

Somehow, Nutjob must have known yesterday that she'd be sick today. She stayed late to finish a project for the Musketeers that didn't have to be done until today. Add to that the fact that Angelfish called out sick yesterday, and no one in this office can be feeling the least bit ill without her suddenly, mysteriously, experiencing the same symptoms. So, I was not surprised when this morning I listened to my voicemail and heard a message from Nutjob (which she left at 6 a.m.) telling me in a perfectly normal voice that she wasn't feeling very well, so she wouldn't be in today. Whew, good thing she got all her work done yesterday!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please oh please oh please tell me that insane whirling dervish of stupidity is NOT Irish!

Mr. Ring of Fire

9:11 AM  

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