Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Snow job

This morning I awoke to my radio-alarm and laid in bed listening to the traffic report. It having snowed all night I figured maybe we'd luck out with a delayed opening as well today. No such luck- all major roads were clear, although some secondary roads in the outlying parts of the state were questionable. The cats picked that moment to start pulling the blankets back and generally putting up a whiny racket so I figured I might as well get out of bed and start the day. I considered calling my boss to see if we should have a delayed opening, but figured there wasn't any point in that.

After my shower, I went downstairs for a bowl of cereal, which I was eating while watching the news when the phone rang. It was PartnerInCrime (keep in mind it's only 6:30am).

PIC: You can just disregard that message I left.

Me: What message?

PIC: I called a few minutes ago and left you a message that we're having a delayed opening. Forget it, YourBoss is closing the office.

Me: What?!

PIC: Yeah, it's supposed to keep snowing all day, and Jane said she hasn't been plowed out yet, so...

Me: But the news just said it's supposed to stop in about an hour and the sun is supposed to come out.

PIC: Well, I don't know, but the roads here are bad. (He lives 10 minutes from me).

Me: Ok...

I hung up. Jane.... it figures. She must have called my boss first thing in the morning to whine about the conditions. Not plowed out, my ass. She lives in a very big suburb that even has a city section to it. Anything for a day off. I peered out my window. Huh, look at that. I could see blacktop on the main road behind my house. I decided to call my boss just to see what was up.

Me: We're closing the office?

My Boss: Yeah. Well PIC and Jane said it's bad...

Me: Jane? (couldn't help myself there, that came out in kind of a laugh)

My Boss: Yeah I know, Jane always thinks it's bad. Dammit, I knew I should have called you first.

Me: I heard the roads are clear.

My Boss: Yeah, but it's getting to them that's a problem. I talked to Joe and Schmo and they both said their areas were bad. Shoot. Well, I'm sure everyone's been called already anyway.

Me: Yeah, ok, well I just wanted to check in. (I wasn't sure what to say- I had basically called her out of disbelief)

So, since I am feeling a little cabin crazy after nearly a week of laying around on the bed and the couch, I went out for a drive. I got some groceries, went to a home goods store. The roads were perfectly clear and the scenery was beautiful. I guess I should consider myself lucky, but I am just really embarassed. Tomorrow will be fun when the Musketeers start asking why the office was closed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Groceries? You should have driven to her house and taken pictures with today's paper in teh foreground.

Stupid git that Jane.

Mr. Ring of Fire

2:10 PM  

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