Wednesday, March 23, 2005

This woman needs more work to do

It's hard not to overhear things when you're all in a bunch of cubicles. The other day, when Jane was getting ready to order more coffee, Nutjob rushed into her cube and asked her to ask for some free samples.

Nutjob: The guy said they're more than happy to give out free samples of special blends!

Jane: Ok, I'll ask.

The next day:

Jane: Here, Nutjob, he sent two free samples.

Nutjob: Ooooh, good! (takes samples and hides them in her cube somewhere)

I arrived to the smell of some kind of flavored coffee wafting out of the kitchen.

Me: What's brewing, Nutjob?

Nutjob (gushing): Chocolate Nut! I'm so excited, that's why I came in early!!!

Me: You came in early to brew the coffee?

Nutjob: Yeah!!! It's the special kind!

I brought my coffee mug into the kitchen to sample it- this is the mug I always use, the one I brought from home that my sister brought back for me from Paris. I set it down on the counter, and Nutjob got a mug from the cabinet. While I was getting creamer out of the fridge, I got some for her too. She was so excited to try the new coffee that she poured her creamers and sugar into my mug. I almost said something, and then thought... why bother. I'll just look for it in the dishwasher later and make sure it runs an extra five or six cycles to ensure it's been sterilized.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're gonna get cooties! :-P

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, in college there was always the "ten second rule". If food hits the ground, as long as you pick it up in ten seconds, it was "still good".

For Nutjob to actually put her lips on your mug - I think that would fall under the Carbon Dating Rule of 10. I think if you let the cup break down over the course of a few tens of thousands of years, THEN reassemble it, then whipe it with baby whipes... THEN.. maybe.. I'd drink from it.


Mr. Ring of Fire

9:27 AM  

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