Thursday, March 10, 2005

Told you so...

Certainly, loyal readers, you will all recall the birthday lunch "situation" of last year, and how I was pushing for taking the birthday person out after work? And how my boss resolved the situation by deciding we'd have a gay old pizza party on the person's birthday, late in the afternoon just before the office closed? And how I told you all that just would not work? I'm not going to get all Rush Limbaugh on you and tell you how I predicted this long ago, but... We had our first wrinkle in the birthday pizza plan.

PartnerInCrime's birthday is tomorrow. Because my boss is in our office on Thursdays, the pizza party was planned for this afternoon. However, when my boss arrived, Nutjob followed her like a stray puppy from the door to her office, babbling all the way about pizza and breakfast. I waited until she was gone and my boss was settled to go into my boss's office and find out what was going on.

Me: What was that all about?

My boss: We're not having the pizza this afternoon.

Me: Oh. Why not?

My boss: Because PartnerInCrime says he doesn't think he'll be hungry at 4:30.

Me: You're kidding.

My boss: Nope. He wants a breakfast instead.

I know she said yes to the breakfast just to get Nutjob off her back, but there are a few logisitcal problems with this. Like, oh, we're supposed to be WORKING in the morning? HeadHoncho was none too thrilled about us all coming back after an hour and a half lunch for these birthdays, I doubt he'll be happy about us all hanging out in the conference room in the morning. (Not that he'd actually be here to see it...)

And I have to say, I am surprised at PartnerInCrime. He's the manager of a department, surely he has other things to worry about besides when and what kind of birthday celebration we'll have. This is the first birthday of the year. Mark my words, this sets a bad precedent. We'll have special requests each birthday and before you know it, we'll have a parade of monkeys with balloons running through the office. Oh wait, we have that now.


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