Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fools' Update

The Musketeers and PartnerInCrime were trying to decide what to do to Nutjob's desk while she was up front answering phones. Ideas floated were: surrounding it with crime scene tape and sprinkling some white powder on her desk (she was super paranoid about anthrax during that whole scare); hanging the Dreidl Of Death over her desk and telling her it's December; putting clear packing tape across the entrance to her cube. Out of laziness, the packing tape idea won. However, I discovered the origin of the "fake donuts" joke she tried to pull this morning.

PartnerInCrime: She's upset that you didn't fall for her donut prank this morning.

Musketeer #1: You know why? Because about ten minutes before that, I told her and Musketeer #2 there were chocolate donuts in the kitchen, and they both jumped up and ran to look.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Earlier in the week, a new guy at my lava company sent a joke, whose punchline was a picture of a scantily clad woman - all of this from and to work accounts at lava company. So this morning I sent him an email as if I was forwarding on a warning from his boss. In it the "boss" wrote that she couldn't say anything directly because if she knew of this email, she'd be forced to officially reprimand him.

Suffice it to say, new guy acted like a new guy and turned about three shades of white (when I thought there was only the one).

Within minutes I let him off the hook - fearing that if I didn't, he'd wind up getting himself in REAL trouble.

Mmmmmmmm April Fools Day...

Mr. Ring of Fire

3:39 PM  

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