Friday, April 01, 2005

Back in her good graces?

I guess I'm off Jane's shit list. She's been coming to tell me little things here and there, which she had stopped doing for a while. Just a little bit ago, the Musketeers were reminiscing about a big fancy event we had, specifically, about FuckingLyingScumbag getting wasted and pawing FunkyChick, and asked what time I left the event.

Me: I left around 8pm

Musketeer #1: Ah, so you missed FLS's display.

Me: Yeah, thank god.

Musketeer #1: Good thing- he probably would have tried it on you. That would have been funny.

Me: No it wouldn't have been funny. I would have punched him in the face.

Musketeer #1: I know- that's why I said it would be funny. I'd love to see you deck him.

Ten minutes went by, and Jane came over to my cube, whispering.

Jane: See? See why I feel ignored in this place? They didn't ask ME what time I left.

Me: Are they really worth it?

Jane: No.... but I just feel like an old hag sitting over there, being ignored.

And this is my problem how?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jane, they only ignore you because you're not special.

Mmmmm.. April.. oh wait, that doesn't work.

Mmmm.. fresh Jane drama...


Mr. Ring of Fire

3:40 PM  

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