Friday, May 13, 2005


Knowing what an instigator Musketeer #1 is, I just went over to his office to find out if he was pulling my leg about Broker having been waiting around for someone else to make the coffee. Apparently the situation unfolded something like this:

Musketeer #1 went into the kitchen to get coffee, and when he discovered there was none, figured he shouldn't be drinking it anyway, so nevermind. Then Broker came in, discovered there was none, and started bitching about it.

Musketeer #1: So why don't you make some?

Broker: Nah... I just can't get into that.

Musketeer #1: What do you mean?

Broker: I just... I don't do that sort of thing. I'm busy.

(Please note he had enough time to stand around jawing with Musketeer #1 for at least 5 minutes).

Musketeer #1: So, what, you'll just wait until one of the girls makes some?

Broker: Yeah, pretty much.

After relaying the conversation, Musketeer #1 asked me why I made the coffee.

Musketeer #1: I don't get why you girls do that. Why play into it?

Me: Hey, I only made it because I wanted some! If I had known that's what Broker was waiting for, forget it, I would have just gone without.

So... Hi, I'm SilentWitness, I'll be your servant for today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't you just make a single cup of coffee?

Mr. Ring of Starbuc.. I mean Fire

3:45 PM  
Blogger Craig said...

Hey, SilentWitness; I take two sugars in my coffee, no cream. Don't forget that this time, OK?

12:43 AM  

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