Friday, May 06, 2005

Fed up

Ok, I don't think it's possible for FoulMouthedOldFart to walk back here and not say something offensive. Or maybe it's just me and I'm a little oversensitive. But on top of the c-word comment, and the constant barrage of f-words and comments about "homos", this just pushed my buttons. He wandered over to Musketeer #1's office and started talking about cars.

FMOF: Oh, I forgot... did you hear that Mercedes is finally acknowledging that there's something wrong with their cars?

Musketeer #1: It's about time.

FMOF: Yeah... they told their engineers they better fix it or they're going to send them to concentration camps.

Laughter all around. Ha ha ha, you're a comic genius. I am seriously considering lodging a complaint about this man. I spoke to him once about his language, but enough is enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "c" word should have been reported, let alone "homos" or that last comment.

Seriously - if that guy goes out and jokes in his own twisted ignorant "humor" to people outside the office, your entire blogcompany is going to look atrocious to that vendor and EVERYONE he tells.

Darth Ring of Fire

11:33 AM  

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