Friday, May 13, 2005

Make me my coffee, bitch

Somehow ever since I brought the new coffee company in, my life has been tied to issues involving said coffee. This afternoon I decided I needed a little pick-me-up, so I ventured to the kitchen, where Musketeer #1 and another broker were standing, in the doorway talking. Both were holding styrofoam coffee cups (because we care about the environment at BlogCompany!). I pressed down on the dispenser on the airpot and got about 3 drops of coffe splattered on the side of my mug, and a whole lot of air. Figures. It's the second time today I've gone for coffee and some lummox has taken the last cup and not brewed a fresh pot. So, I set it up to brew and leave the kitchen to go do something else. The "something else" requires my passing by Musketeer #1 and the other broker a few times, and on my last pass-by, Muskteer #1 asks how many times I'm going to walk back and forth.

Me: Well I'd have to walk back and forth less if the person who took the last cup of coffee had bothered to brew more.

Musketeer #2 (who'd just emerged from his office, because it's 2:30 and on Fridays 2:30 is quitting time): Do people really do that? Leave it empty? I can't imagine someone would do that.

Me: I'm not surprised. People leave stuff empty and walk away all the time.

A few minutes passed, and Musketeer #1 started walking back toward his office, when I heard the other broker ask loudly:

Broker: So, is the coffee ready yet?

Wow. So it wasn't even a matter of someone taking the last cup and leaving an empty pot. It was a case of someone discovering the pot was empty, and standing around waiting for someone else to brew a fresh pot. I looked at Musketeer #1 in disbelief as he passed my desk.

Musketeer #1: Didn't you know guys don't make coffee? That's a girl's job. (then he yelled over to the broker) Hey Broker, SilentWitness just made you your coffee!

Musketeer #1: What kind did you make?

Me (grumbling): The one with the most caffiene, the one that gives you a heart attack.

Musketeer #1 (yelling): Hey Broker! You didn't want decaf, did you?

Broker (yelling back): No! What's the point of decaf coffee?!

I hope he appreciates it. I got coffee grounds all jammed under my nails when I opened the packet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I'm of the non-coffee variety drone, I can only express sympathy from having the same stupid experiences w/the water cooler. Granted its a little easier to make coffee than pick up the twenty pound water jug and angle it like Luke "F-ing" Skywalker just so to hit the nozzle it has to fit into, but still - make the effort people!

As for Muskateer and Idiotboy (not a new character, I just have the short-term memory of saliva), take one for the team - make the coffee, put the milk back in the refrigerator, and damnit, stop touching yourself!

Mr. Ring of Fire

3:27 PM  

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