Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Anything for a day off

No need for snow days when you've got a brain as creative as Jane's. Case in point, the following conversation, which occurred yesterday.

Jane (huffing and puffing): Can you believe it? Both elevators are broken!

Me: Yeah, I discovered that when I came in. Guess we'll get our exercise today. [We're on the 3rd floor].

Jane: It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't wearing my flip flops!

Me (sort of talking to myself): Good thing Mary isn't still here. [Mary had trouble walking and would never have made it up those stairs].

Jane: Yeah! That poor older lady who doesn't walk real well is just sitting downstairs waiting for the repair men to come. She has every right to just go home.

I made some kind of noise of agreement.

Jane: In fact, WE have every right to go home!

Me: Sure you do, if you have a disability.

I wanted to add "mental ones don't count", but I thought better of it.

....And further evidence that the men I work with are pigs (as if you needed it). I overheard this comment ending a conversation between two brokers about getting old:

Broker1: I don't mind being a grandfather. It's sleeping with a grandmother that bothers me.

Har har fucking har. Like your wrinkly saggy anatomy is pleasant to look at either, you old coot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you when it comes to Jane. "Two flights of stairs. Waaaaah. What a horrible life you have. Waaaaaaaah."

But as for the grandfather/grandmother comment, I could see a few grandmothers joking about that one too. I still think it is about a Tour de France* away from being proper work conversation but still.

*Mr. Ring of Fire likes to be topical.

Mr. Ring of Fire

3:40 PM  

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