Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I've long held that the reason Jane despises Nutjob so much (besides the obvious) is that she is just like her. Her neediness and attention-seeking behavior has been ratcheted up several notches in the past months. It's like the two of them are having some bizarre competition.

About a week ago, Jane went to HeadHoncho and told him that she had her resume out and was looking for another job because she isn't happy here. Unfortunately for her, the things that are making her unhappy aren't things we can fix, so there was no begging by HeadHoncho for her to stay (something which I'm sure is eating at her). She is leaving because she's a paranoid nutcase who thinks the whole office is spreading nasty rumors about her behind her back. Don't flatter yourself, lady.

So yesterday, she was showing me a few things she'd handled while I was out on vacation for a few days, and I told her about a rediculous voicemail I got from one of the brokers. As she was walking out of my cube she turned on the drama.

Jane: Well, it will be really interesting to see what is said to me today.

I didn't want to take the bait so I didn't say anything, and she sighed loudly.

Jane: Some very interesting comments are made to me in this place.

Me: Uh.... ok.

Jane (at this point back in her cube): Oh, I'm not talking about you. I'm not talking about anything you say. Oh.. just forget I ever said it!

She may have heard my eyes rolling in their sockets through the cubicle partition. Give me a break. Something is going on though, because last night when I left, my boss had called Jane into her office and they were talking for quite a while with the door closed. I hope to God HeadHoncho didn't change his mind and decide to offer her more money or less hours or something to get her to stay.

And on the Nutjob front....

I've mentioned before how you can't walk into the kitchen without Nutjob following you in to see what you're going to eat. Yesterday afternoon I passed by the kitchen and happened to look in and saw a broker at the vending machine, with Nutjob hovering over his shoulder, rubbing her hands together in anticipation.

Nutjob: Oooooh, mind if I bum one?

Broker: Not at all! In fact, I'll buy you your own packet!

Jane is right about one thing- most people in this office really cater to Nutjob, especially this broker. I don't know what the deal is with him, but he treats her almost with kid gloves. It's as if he knows she's three steps away from the loony bin, the way he patronizes her. She just laps it up and wraps him around her little finger.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

establish your relationship with the shooter/hostage taker and you're more likely to walk out of the building in one piece when the standoff has come to an end...

:D Ross

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My company used to have a person like Jane - the person who would just announce things to the world, hoping someone would bite:

"I can't believe this!"
"Oooooh so that's what they mean!"
"I swear!"

These are just a few of the lines she would toss out looking to hook someone into her latest drama - more often than not about her boyfriend. But thankfully she has since left the company - to go to work at her boyfriend's company.

...I wonder what she is going to talk about now?

9:00 AM  

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