Friday, July 22, 2005

Things You Don't Expect To See In Your Office Parking Lot

1. A couple making out. Not in a car, standing, in the open air, between two cars. Sheesh, how old are we?

2. A man (not the same man as in the previous example) walking toward the building carrying a shrink-wrapped three-foot-long sausage. There are no food services in this building. He went into the software company's office through the back entrance.

(there is a really dirty comment in there somewhere but I'll leave it to all of your fertile imaginations)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know Mr. Ring of Fire is just salivating at the prospect of being the first to post a comment within minutes of any new entry, so I thought I'd beat him to it for a change and ruin his weekend.

3:25 PM  
Blogger Craig said...

What's wrong with mkaing out in public? I mean, if it weren't for public displays of affection, what would all those vouyer web sites have to post for content? YOU'D BE THE DEATH OF AN INDUSTRY, SILENTWITNESS!! THE DEATH I SAY!!!

And a man with a three-foot-long sausage deserves our respect, not our ridiculer. I feel bad for his girlfriend, though.....

5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations, anonymous. You beat me to it. Though, as you are only anonymous, perhaps I myself posted it, just to give silent witness the feeling that she has even more fans than just I.

Now, in regards to the two stories - yeah, 'making out' is a bit over the top. Hugging, sure. Kissing, why not. Rusty trombone, go for it. But necking? That's a bit more for high school parking lots .. and sock-hops.

As for a three foot sausage. I can only imagine how big his buns were.



6:04 PM  

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