Thursday, July 28, 2005

This has nothing to do with you. Go away.

Musketeer #2 just walked into the office, coming back from a meeting, and as he passed my cube he said:

Musketeer #2: Did you hear? Goodenow just resigned.

Me: He did?!

Nutjob (getting up out of her cube and walking toward us): Huh? Who resigned?

Musketeer #2: Yeah, I just heard it on ESPN. I told you that would happen!

Me: Yeah, I guess it was inevitable.

Nutjob: What? (silence) Oh... I guess I'm left out of this one.

Yes. When you become a hockey fan, then talk to me. Until then, go root for whatever team your current boyfriend likes and act like you've been a fan of that team for your whole life even though you've never even seen one game, ever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goooodbye Gooooodenow...

And "resigned" - right. How bout "forced out due to helping owners steal hundreds of millions of dollars from the players' pockets." Way to go schmuck-boy. Hopefully Hockey will get a bigger fan base and six years down the line they can get a better deal...

Mr. Ring of Fire

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One schmuck down, one schmuck to go...


4:35 PM  

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