Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Here we go again...

Ahh, I knew he wouldn't let me down. Remember how CheapSkate asked a few weeks ago if I'd picked the holiday card yet? I figured he was making up for not asking me last year by asking early this year. But he just won't let it die. I sent out the email to everyone, asking how many they wanted this year, and wouldn't you know it, I got a voicemail from him asking to see it. I couldn't resist, I had to call him on it. (Oddly enough, he's been quite mellow lately and we've been getting along, so I figured it was ok to tweak him a little). Keep in mind that I'm Mrs. PC Holiday Card and have never picked one with any religious symbolism on it whatsoever.

Me: Hey, I got your message.

CheapSkate: Yeah. I just wanted to see the card. Is there one laying around here maybe?

Me: Can I ask you something? Haven't I been doing this for a long time?

CheapSkate: Yeah....

Me: And don't I do a pretty good job of picking a non-religious card?

CheapSkate: Most of the time. Look, you have to understand, I can't be sending cards out to a client with a wreath on them.

Me: I've never picked one with a wreath!

CheapSkate: Well, maybe it wasn't you, but there was one year I had to go out and buy all my own.

Me: Well, it just cracks me up that you ask me every single year. I definitely try to find a very plain one. So, let me describe this year's card to you?

CheapSkate: Ok

Me: It's blue, with silver snowflakes on it and it says "Season's Greetings".

CheapSkate: That's perfect.

The thing is, I think I know which card he was talking about when he said he had to buy his own. One year we had a white card with a picture of a forest, including pine trees, with soft snow falling. He didn't like it because "it has Christmas trees on it".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - pathetic fallacy much? Its a fur tree, so OBVIOUSLY it is going to be turned into a Christmas tree as soon as you open up the card, dagnabit! And then the kids will be opening up presents under it and there will be no Minora or ..well whatever symbolizes Kwanza.. and then all hell will break loose - which is another Christian construct!

Mr. Ring of F-alalalala la la la la -ire

4:31 PM  
Blogger Craig said...

When the Christmas cards start coming out on the shelves (which will probably be next week) go to the store, by one of those cheap five- or ten-pack sets but make sure it has the most overtly religious iconography you can find--Christ on the cross or something like that--a manger scene or what-not.

Then send the cards to the guy with a note saying "Oh, by the way, I changed the holiday cards this year. Here's your batch". Hopefully the heart attack he'll have at seeing the cards will kill him and you'll never have to worry about him again.

5:56 PM  

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