Sunday, August 21, 2005

Nutjob shows her social graces

My boss thought it would be a great idea to get t-shirts made with the company logo and the charity’s logo on it, to spur enthusiasm for the project. She handed this task off to our marketing person, who is quite new. MarketingGal (she’s so new she doesn’t have a proper name yet) went around the office asking people what size t-shrt they wanted. Now, just as background information let me state that MarketingGirl has a good figure, a healthy version of the cultural “ideal” (i.e. not a skeleton with boobs). She came over to our area Friday afternoon.

MarketingGal: Musketeer #3, what size shirt do you want?

Nutjob: Large!!! (She wasn’t answering for herself- she’d already told MarketingGal she wanted a Medium. She was answering for Musketeer #3).

Musketeer #3: Ahhhhh, I guess extra-large. No, wait, I should probably go with large.

MarketingGal: I think they run kind of small. I ordered a large for myself.

Nutjob: Well, that’s because you’re… [trails off. Yes Nutjob, that was your outside voice. Oops.]

MarketingGal, to her credit, I think was going to just let it go. But far be it from Musketeer #3 to miss an opportunity like that.

Musketeer #3: Because she’s what, Nutjob?

Nutjob: Uhhh…

MarketingGal: Yeah, because I’m what?

Nutjob flushed and muttered something and suddenly became very engrossed in her work. I have no idea what’s been causing her to lash out like this of late, but it certainly could get interesting if it keeps up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Y'know the British used to send all of their criminals to Australia. Can't America send all of its nutjobs to.. I dunno, Antarctica? Can't we just say they've all won a prize from Ed McMahon and shove 'em in a plane bound for the winter wonderland? Oy vey.

Mr. Ring of Fire

11:15 AM  

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