Sunday, August 21, 2005

Nyah nyah!

BlogCompany is stepping out into the world of philanthropy and raising money for a charity. HeadHoncho decided this was a great idea and a good cause and thought the whole office should participate. Fair enough, we don't do much in the way of charity so it's a nice idea. To keep the fundraising organized, the office was divided up into teams, with each administrative assistant as a team captain. I'm on Jane's team. Lucky me. Naturally, this project fell into Jane's lap. Hey, HeadHoncho thought it would be a great idea for the office to do this- not for him to have anything to do with it other than donate. So, this charity fundraiser is pretty much Jane's baby. She got all the materials from the organization and is spearheading the effort. (Naturally, Nutjob is seething with jealousy over this).

Because she's been the cheerleader for the fundraiser, she's had all her ducks in a row long before everyone else. The very day that everyone received their fundraising packets, she had already been soliciting donations, and was crowing that she had already raised $350 and was ahead of everyone else. I pointed out that no one else had had a chance to get any donations yet, but she seemed content to ignore that inconvenient fact.

The next day, she sent out an email to the entire office, in the effort to spur on some friendly competition. I think it was just plain obnoxious. I have no control over fonts here, but imagine this email in HUGE font size, with red letters thrown in here and there for emphasis:

I, myself, Jane Doe, have raised $350.00 to date for the BlogCompany Charity. I challenge you to meet or beat that amount.

I just love being first, best, number one………….get the picture!!!!!!!




Know what the best part about all this is? Of the $350, $100 is her own donation and another $100 is her husband's donation. Way to go, Jane.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the number one person be whoever receives the aid from the cash? Um, way to keep your eye on the ball, Jane! Schmuck.

Mr. Ring of Fire

11:12 AM  

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