Monday, September 12, 2005

Her vacation is over, and so is mine.

Last week, Jane was out on vacation. It was so blessedly quiet, I almost thought I was in heaven. But then I realized... no place with Nutjob within even 4 miles could be considered heaven. But it was close. No cackling laughter, no exceedingly loud phone conversations, no coming over to bother me about whatever insecurity is bugging her now.

But today she came back. We weren't there for 20 minutes when she came over to me and started asking me if Nutjob had been "in her stuff" all week. (She has this paranoid idea that Nutjob goes through her papers when she's out). I told her that I had been keeping tabs on the situation and Nutjob left her stuff alone, that I only heard some rustling over there once, and it turned out to be AngelFish getting a toner for her printer.

Jane: Oh. Well you know, I was telling Husband, how unsettling it is to be away and know you don't have a friend watching out for your stuff.

Umm, did I not just tell her I had kept my eye on her desk? And what's this melodramatic "friend" shit? If I remember correctly SHE was the one who made a big deal about how I am the Office Manager and not her Friend. Whatever. She left, but two minutes later was back, leaning over and whispering to me.

Jane: Did I say something to upset PartnerInCrime?

Me: No, not that I know of, why?

Jane: He didn't ask me how my vacation was.

(Silence from me. I figured there was more to it. There wasn't.)

Jane: I mean, there I was, saying hello to MarketingGal, and he didn't even say anything! He just kept typing!

Wow. What a horrible faux pas. Apparently he forgot that you're the center of the Universe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously Jane doesn't have enough to do. To actually have the time to think "he didn't ask me how my vacation is" when you get back to the office after however many days, is pretty sweet. When I get back to work I have to worry about the 100 emails in my inBOX now to whether anyone's been in my space or not or how it was.

Mr. Ring of Fire

10:47 PM  

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