Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I'm establishing my defense. If I'm arrested for murder, please supply this to my lawyer.

Completely randomly...

Nutjob: Today's the 14th! Oh my god, the 14th already! This time last year it would have been two weeks 'til I went to Hawaii!

Tapdancing on my last nerve...

Musketeer #3: What's the name of the file?

Nutjob: walton

Musketeer #3: walton?

Nutjob: Walton. Like John boy? John boy! You know, John boy! JohnboyJohnboyJohnboy!!!

Never fucking satisfied....

All week last week, several people bitched and moaned about how hot it was in here. It really wasn't, but Mr Schizo was about to break my kneecaps, so I figured I should mollify him. I summoned the building manager, or at least attempted to, and got no response until this Monday. (that's a whole other issue...). Since Monday, when they "fixed" the problem, it's been pretty chilly in here. Not cold, but cool enough to need long sleeves. Cool enough to need to wear a shirt that actually covers you. Several people have come to me complaining about the "cold". I told them to put a sweater on. RunOnSentence in particular has mentioned more than once how cold it is in here. More than once, I've told her to bring a sweater. What is so hard to understand about that? Sometimes it gets cool in here. Yeah, they're jerking us around but I am not about to call them now and tell them it's too damn cold in here. Especially because IT'S NOT!

Thank you, that is all. For now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

People have their own individual body temperatures, their own individual sense of what room temperature should be, and their own set of issues that they can't resolve so they choose to pick away at the ones at the ready.

My office is ALWAYS cool, but we've acclimated ourselves (quite literally) to only make noise about it when its literally out of control - like when the penguins and polar bears start complaining. Other than that, nearly every woman's chair is accessorized by a cardigan.

Mr. Ring of Fire

(Yup, who would have guessed Mr. RoF's place is chilly! Just goes to show you, ya never can tell...)

11:32 AM  

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