Friday, September 09, 2005

It's Friday. Everyone's punchy.

The three Musketeers decided today that they weren't going to do the same old boring thing and go next door for lunch. They decided to go out to one of those really annoying chain restaurants, decorated with random crap that looks like it's about to fall on your head at any moment. Musketeer #1 asked me if I'd like to go with them. I declined, because a)I brought my lunch, b)I didn't feel like dealing with one of those places today, and mostly c)I really didn't feel like listening to the three of them bitch about the company for an hour and a half. Not that I'm any cheerleader for BlogCompany, I try not to take sides in matters such as these, and as such I don't want to hear a bunch of whining. Anyway, Musketeer #1 was somewhat more persistent than usual, which made me even more wary about going, so I stood my ground and stayed in the office. (I had visions of them asking me to come with them if they decided to leave and go somewhere else. They've done it before.)

Later, I learned from PartnerInCrime that it was a 'birthday lunch' for Musketeer #1 and #2, whose birthdays passed within the last two weeks. Now, if Musketeer #1 would have told me that, I would have caved in and gone. I went over to his office to apologize for blowing off his birthday lunch and he went on at length about how upset they were that I didn't join them, and that he had in fact said it was for their birthdays. (I swear he didn't).

Musketeer #1: Musketeer #2, see that? SilentWitness blew off our birthday celebration.

Me: Hey, a girl has to play hard to get.

Musketeer #1 (completely deadpan): For Christ's sake, SilentWitness, it's been seven years already! I'm wearing thin over here!

I rolled my eyes at him.

Musketeer #2: Feel free to come over here and smack him around, SW.

I thought about it, but then I realized he'd probably enjoy that too much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, the dreaded birthday lunches once again rear ..oh excuse me, I mean ass their ugly head.

Wait, that doesn't even make sense.

A slightly off, Mr. Ring of Fire

4:29 PM  

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