Thursday, September 29, 2005

Old age is fun

Well it's my birthday today. And because birthdays are such a big deal in this office, everyone knows it. I thought I'd be let off the hook by Nutjob's long-awaited return, but there isn't as much hoopla surrounding her as I thought there'd be. I've never been very hung up on age, so the fact that I'm turning 31 today (well, not until 5:30, as my mom reminded me when she called today) doesn't phase me. I really don't care one way or the other. Jane, however, is for some reason very pleased about this. If anyone comes by and wishes me a happy birthday, if she is in the vicinity, she crows "She's 31!!! She's an old bag now!". Um, thanks. I think. Being 31 doesn't bother me. Being called an "old bag" by a 50-something woman is just plain bizarre.

So yes, Nutjob is back today, and picked up right where she left off- on my nerves. The only good thing about her return is seeing Jane get increasingly pissed off by the attention Nutjob is getting. She keeps telling me "I can't stand it. I'm sick of it already." Basically, people are stopping by and asking how she's feeling. In my book, that's the polite thing to do when someone's been out for two weeks. I'm not sure what Jane expects people to do, ignore her completely? And to her credit, Nutjob isn't even pouring it on as thick as I expected. Of course, it is only 11:00. There's a whole day yet to work up the drama.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't think Nutjob will be pouring it on .. yet. She's getting free attention without doing a single thing, its when no one is giving her anymore attention that the stories of the hospital food, near-death experiences, and every person she interacted with, interesting or not, will begin to appear ... and overwhelm your office like gremlins (as opposed to mogwai(sp?))

Mr. Ring of Fire-On-Your-Cake-Cause-You're-Sooooo-Old ;)

11:22 AM  
Blogger Craig said...

Just remember SilentWitness, as old as you are . . . SilentHusband is still muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch older. :)

10:15 PM  

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