Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Paging Dr. Freud...

After nearly nodding off several times on my way in this morning (not good, I know. I will have to do something about that.), I made a beeline for the coffeemaker when I got here. After brewing a nice fresh pot (ahhhhhh!) I popped my head into Musketeer #1's office to tell him there was fresh coffee. I'm so damn considerate. I mentioned I was already tired, which prompted him to tell me the following story on his way back to his office, fresh coffee in hand.

Musketeer #1: You know, I had such a weird dream last night. It was bizarre. Some guy was chasing me, and I had a huge knife and - I was watching something violent before I went to bed, I forget what - I brought it down and chopped off his fingers. I heard the sound, like "whump!", it was gross. But here's the really fucked up part. The guy keeps chasing me, but he turns into a giant tree. And he's trying to kill me with his dick! Which is like this long! (holds up his hands about 3 feet apart). And all this stuff was spewing out!

Me: Wait. He was a tree? But he had a big dick?

Musketeer #1: Yeah! And balls too. It was like... you could see his face, but then he was a tree. I was trying to stab him in the balls and I woke up. I was like "whoa, what the fuck is wrong with me?".



Anonymous Anonymous said...

But the real question is: after such a frantic dream about a tree, did he wake up bushed?

heh heh heh

Mr. Ring of Fire (strikes again!)

9:33 AM  
Blogger Craig said...

All my sex dreams have to do with women.

I never would have thought that to be unimaginative until now.

5:57 PM  

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