Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Shall I give you the nails, so you can put yourself on the cross?

Recently, BlogCompany finally got with the times and replaced most of the dreadfully old computers the administrative assistants had been using. Of course they didn't all come at once, they came in dribs and drabs. Better than nothing. Not long ago, MarketingGal mentioned that her monitor was making a very high-pitched sound that went on constantly for hours, and then randomly stopped. Oddly enough, today Jane was experiencing the same problem. I came over to investigate.

Jane: Do you hear that?

Me: Yeah. MarketingGal is having the exact same problem, and she has a new computer too. Let me email Regional IT Guy.

Several minutes later I heard her start bitching.

Jane: Oh! This is terrible. This is going to drive me nuts!

Me: Would you like to swap monitors with another computer until we get it figured out?

Jane (sighing): Oh, no... I wouldn't want you to go to all that trouble! I'll just see... I'll just wait and see how bad it gets. (a few seconds' pause) Oh this is just going to drive me nuts!

I made rude faces at the cube partition.

About twenty minutes later, HeadHoncho came out to give her something.

Jane: Hear that?! Do you hear that dreadful noise my computer is making? It's going to make me crazy!

I wanted to reach my hands through the flimsy cube walls and strangle her. I think she is pissed off because I had a few good ideas in a management meeting today, ideas that HeadHoncho liked, and she was just there to take notes. Since, as she is constantly reminding me, she is "just a peon around here".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would simply just tell her "If this is going to bother you, then lets change it, but if you're okay with it, then that's that."

If she whined more, I would just hit her with a brick. (Sorry, not feeling very helpful tonight).

Mr. Ring of Fire

10:41 PM  

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