Sunday, October 16, 2005


Well, the budget got done (somehow). Apparently we didn't fuck it up royally either, which is always a good thing. My boss is going to need surgery- it turns out her collarbone is broken worse than they thought, and she has broken ribs too. (The surgery is just for the collarbone).

And CheapSkate lives up to his name yet again. On Friday morning, I called our florist and had a big arrangement of fall flowers sent to her house from our office. A few hours later I got a call from the other office, saying CheapSkate had a great idea- instead of sending her flowers, they thought it would be nice to take up a collection and get some meals delivered for a few nights, since she obviously won't be able to cook right away. I thought that was a fantastic idea, and told her as much, and told her to put me in for a contribution. The reason for her call though, wasn't to ask if I wanted to be a part of it, but to basically turn it over to me and Jane to orchestrate, even though it was their idea. It started out as "we can't think of a place that will deliver"... (what about the three zillion Italian restaurants in the area? what about delis?)... and snowballed from that into "Jane gets to coordinate the whole thing". Jane also ended up putting it all on her credit card. After she found a place, CheapSkate refused to put it on his card. "Absolutely not", were his exact words.

Ok, asshole.
#1 this was your idea.
#2 this is for someone you've worked with FOR 15 YEARS.
#3 you are in the office with everyone who is contributing money, not Jane. It will be a hell of a lot easier for you to collect money than it will be for her.
#4. You have made A MILLION DOLLARS this year, and have another nice fat half a million on it's way to you by the end of the year. You can't put $400 on your credit card, when you're going to be reimbursed anyway? What a fucking dick.

Excuse my potty mouth. But when someone mistreats one of my friends I get pissed off like a mother bear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Scuse me, I'm going to have to leave my Pacific coast setting to dabble in the Boston accent for a moment:


I hope he gets audited.

Mr. Ring of Fire
(Go White Sox)

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