Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Ok, I want to know who's idea this was. This had to have come from someone higher up than HeadHoncho or I would have heard about it before now, before I heard JerseyGirl call my name, and turned around and had a flash go off in my face. Apparently, someone thought it would be a great idea to have candid shots of everyone in the office for this pep rally of a regional meeting we're having soon. Yay. The only good thing about this whoever dreamed up this idea knew better than to ask me to take the pictures, which allows me to relish hearing everyone swear at JerseyGirl after their picture is snapped. If you happen to be at my regional meeting and see whatever cheesey collage they make with these pictures, I'm the one scowling at the camera. Oh wait... that would be just about everyone in this office.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogcompany should have issued tickets to a hockey game, then they could have had the grin they desperately wanted from you. Well, either that or throttling half of your office in some kind of pagan ritual. (big smile)

Mr. Ring of (Don't Chuck 'em in Me!) Fire

3:24 PM  

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