Thursday, November 10, 2005

Following the trail

1. Nutjob was "out sick" on Tuesday.

2. Nutjob came in on Wednesday, and left early because she was "sick".

3. Nutjob came in today (Thursday), all gussied up. She only does that when there's something important going on outside of work.

4. Nutjob has next Monday and Tuesday off, because she's taking a long weekend to go to Florida.

5. Nutjob was never "sick" this week. Exhibit A:

RunOnSentence: So you're meeting up with Fiance in Florida this weekend?

Nutjob: Oh no, he's here. We're going down together.

RunOnSentence: Really? When did he come up here?

Nutjob: Oh! Um. He just got here today.

Manipulative twat. Oh, and for the record, in case you all needed another reason to hate her (and this may be what I hate her most for), she is a little concerned because some of the girls in her bridal party are "a little hippy". I hope her face swells up and she's covered with hives from head to toe on her wedding day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For a certain fee, I can have hives arranged on her wedding day, no problem. May I include a pox on her house as well?

Mr. Ring of Medieval Fire

1:12 PM  

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