Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hellooooooooo Frisco!

Musketeer #1 likes to loudly proclaim his masculinity by putting down sports, saying they're all gay. Really, he says, any sport where you run around in tight outfits and chase balls is pretty gay. (I pointed out that in hockey they don't wear tight outfits or chase balls, but he said it's still gay. I mean come on, did you ever see those guys hug each other after they score a goal? G-A-Y! ) Of course, the "sport" he practiced in college is certainly not gay. No, there's nothing gay about fencing. Nothing gay about prancing around in a tight outfit jabbing your swords at each other. Nah, not at all.

So, with all the pronoucnements of what is gay and what isn't, coupled with his dead-on gaydar, I'm wondering if the wife and four kids are all just expensive beards. Today, I had left my desk for a moment, and when I came back he was standing next to Musketeer #3's cube complaining about how whenever you go into a place where there's gay guys, they hit on you immediately.

Me: What? Are you going to gay bars now?

Musketeer #1: No! I'm just saying when you go someplace, or at least with me, they're all over me.

Me: Where are you going that there's all these gay guys?

Musketeer #1: Well, like when I get my hair cut. There's a gay guy there. And he's always ready to jump on me.

Me: You know, Musketeer #1, you should really work on your confidence. It must suck to have such low self-esteem.

He laughed and walked into his office. Two minutes later I got an email from him. He forwarded this message from a colleague:

To: SW
From: Musketeer #1
Subject: FW: Updated Info

See!!! Another example!!!!

To: Musketeer #1
From: RandomGayGuy
Subject: Updated Info

Below please find new professional contact info; let me know if you will be in the {insert city here} area for either work or pleasure - would love to catch up.


I wanted to respond and tell him to ask the guy if he wanted to have a sword fight when he was in town next... but I figured that would get me in a bit of trouble if BigBrother ever saw that email.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, so is Muskateer #1's new nickname the Gay Blade? ;)

heh heh heh

Mr. Ring of Fire (who fenced back in college - but he'd prefer being put into the "geek" group than the "gay" group, as he did it for any possible stage combat that may be in his future .. or y'know, if George Lucas ever needed an extra Jedi on the set. ...stupid Liam Neeson...)

5:09 PM  

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