Friday, November 18, 2005

I love the smell of nutjob in the morning

Today is Musketeer #3's birthday. He was out for the morning, presumably on business, and Musketeers #2 and #1 were speculating as to his age. When he finally arrived, they asked him, and he replied that he was 34 today. The General just happened to be ambling up to the group and joined in the obligatory conversation about how 34 was a great age, hey you can't remember yesterday how can you remember 34, blah blah blah. Then it got interesting. (Side note: Musketeer #2 is a Vietnam vet).

The General: Well at that age Musketeer #2 was smoking dope in the jungle.

Musketeer #2: Nah, that was after that.

(laughter all around at the implied admission to smoking dope later on)

The General: So what did you do when everyone else was getting high? Breathing in napalm?

Musketeer #2: Just kept my head down. Literally.

The conversation ambled off into political directions, namely how Cheney is getting on Muskteer #2's nerves becuase he had five deferrments, so who is he to comment on someone's service or lack of it. (I have no idea what he's referencing here).

But.... speaking of napalm..... We had a meeting for the whole office today, and besides the fact that several brokers bitched that there was no lunch provided, it was basically uneventful. Except that Nutjob sat next to me. From the looks of her, I'd guess she hasn't showered in days. From the smell of her.... well I'm glad I was sitting next to the garbage can, just in case. Honestly... she gave off an aroma of "I've been laying in bed for four days straight". And I was sitting at least three feet away from her, so it wasn't like I was crammed in next to her. This lovely aroma wafted it's way over to me for the entire hour. And it got even worse when she laughed, and I was enveloped in a fog of stink that could be a weapon of mass destruction in the right concentration. I think I'd rather sit next to the walking ashtray (AngrySally) that sit next to that again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy, I'm hungry now.

Hungry to never eat again. Ugh. (Hey, its Friday. Whaddya want.)

Mr. Ring of Fire

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ew. ew. ew.

Just. EW.

We have a stinker in our office too. I feel sorry for the poor guy, though, because he's totally not annoying... just socially inept. But kinda sweet in a socially inept way. Plus he's a phenominal animator.

(PHENOMENA... do do do-do-doo... PHENOMENA... do do do-doo... Sorry, muppet moment...)

Ironically, he's the one that people were acusing of being a closet furby when my officemate's revelation came about.


2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh la la...nutjob gets sexier and sexier the more I read. sheesh. if she is so desparate for a man and matrimony...why doesnt she at least attend to some basic hygiene? I guess she finally got lucky and found a man with no sense of smell. :o)

11:56 PM  

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