Thursday, November 03, 2005

More reasons to laugh

Musketeer #2 to Musketeer #1: "So help me God, if you do a deal with Mr. X I will come back from my grave and kick your ass."

Seen in a magazine, the ad next to ours:
SUCKERS BY THE ZILLIONS!!! [then in very small type] for packaging and printing

best response to "how are you", ever:

Me: Hey MiddleAgedHippie, how ya doing?

MAH: If I was doing any better I'd be getting arrested for something indecent. That's how good I'm doing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that really the best ever, SW? I really think that better responses than that could be cooked up for "How are you doing?"

tsk tsk tsk.. ya gotta keep reaching for those stars...

Mr. Ring of Fire

9:00 PM  

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