Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My Long Dong rears its ugly head

Almost two years ago, my boss and I were staying late working and were quite punchy. The name of an Asian company we were working with seemed awfully close to sounding like "my long dong". We found this quite amusing, and were fond of asking each other "have you seen MyLongDong?" or "what did you do with MyLongDong?", or the ever hilarious, "Wait, let me give you MyLongDong..." As you can imagine, we got quite a bit of mileage out of this. Eventually we closed the file and the humor faded.

Fast-forward to late this afternoon, when Dick and Dork approached me at the end of a very harried day.

Dork: We need some information.

Me: Ok, you've come to the right place.

Dork: In.... 1984, about a year and a half ago, we did a sale....

Me: In 1984?

Dork: Yeah. About a year and a half ago.

I looked at Dick for some help. He had a very amused smile on his face.

Dick: Dork, 1984???

Dork: Yeah! Oh! No, 2004! What was I thinking, 1984?

Me: Ok... you did a sale in 2004... which one?

Dork started to walk away. He does this all the time.

Me: Hey, Dork! You're walking away. I can't help you if you walk away.

Dork came back.

Dork: Well the seller was Galeras, and the buyer... it was something like YangTse.

Me (fingers poised over the keyboard of Mission Control): Ok, what do you need to know?

Dork: The buyer.

Me: Um.... didn't you just say the buyer was YangTse?

Dork: Well that wasn't really the name. It was under another name.

I searched on "Galeras" and got nothing.

Again I appealed to Dick.

Me: Do you have a street address?

Dick: Yeah.... it was, I think 401 something-or-other.

Me: Ok.

I typed in 401 in the street number field and Dick's name in the salesperson field and got nothing on my search.

Me: I'm not coming up with anything for you at 401 anywhere.

Dork: Oh, maybe I can go look something up.

Me: Well, wait a second, there's another way I can approach this.

They both walked away. However, being the curious and determined person I am, once I have a question I have to find the answer. So I ran a different kind of search and the first deal that popped onto my screen was indeed a sale, with the seller listed as Galeras (don't ask me why that didn't come up in my first search), at 411 Main Street. The buyer? MyLongDong. I called Dork's office.

Dork: Yeah?

Me: It's MyLongDong. (Only I said the real name. Not my boss's and my little pet name for the deal).

Dork: Yeah, we knew that. We figured it out.

Me: Well when were you planning on telling me that?

Dick: Sorry, Silent. We thought you knew already.

I can't wait to tell my boss that MyLongDong is back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We thought you already knew, even though we just left you not knowing about what we found out.

...ahhh bosses. What would we do without their hackneyed communication skills... awww....

Mr. Ring of Fire

9:51 PM  

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