Tuesday, November 01, 2005

You're going to see me on the news some day

I had a lovely, peaceful day off yesterday. Good thing I enjoyed it because I'm paying for it today. It seems I missed quite a bit yesterday. Let's start with the heat. Apparently, the baseboard heaters were stuck on all day, bringing the temperature in the office to a nice cozy 88*F. How do I know exactly what the temperature was? I'm glad you asked. We have a little monitor that records the temperature with a red line (not unlike a seismograph!) on a piece of paper. We have this little monitor because the management got so sick of us calling and bitching about the heat, that they decided to see for themselves just how hot it really got in here. BlogCompany: 1 Building Management: 0.

Anyway, apparently HeadHoncho came into the office, stayed for about 10 minutes, and then decided it was too hot for him here, so instead of calling management and doing something about it, he told his stand-in admin (Jane was at the dentist) that he was leaving for the other office because it was too damn hot in here. Who was his stand-in admin? Nutjob! So you'll hardly be surprised to know that she sent an email to the whole office:

Just wanted to let you know that HeadHoncho will be in the other office today due to the fact that there
is a heat problem in our office.

Thank you.

Of course, you can imagine how well that went over. So this morning when I got in, I was treated to a 5-minute diatribe by Musketeer #1 about what a baby HH is for leaving, etc. To top it off, even though I left the maintenance guy's pager number at the front desk, Nutjob thought it might be a good idea to call the guy who leases this space and tell him it was too hot. Naturally that didn't get anything done, so several hours later Musketeer #1, thinking she'd called the building manager and been ignored, called the head of the company to complain about the situation. I got a nice little phone call from the building manager this morning wanting to know why no one called him first. What can I tell you, buddy. I left your number, that's all I can do. So, I sent an email with his phone and pager numbers to all the admins so they don't actually have to walk up to the front desk to find his phone number should this ever happen again.

Stay tuned for more stories of Nutjob's stupidity and terrorists using our phone lines.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, when your boss is turning tail and running away, handling it in a professional tone is best.

Then again, we're talking about Nutjob here... nevermind.

Mr. Ring of Fire

1:21 PM  

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