Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Another non-event

If this keeps up I'm going to lose my readership.... even loyal Mr Ring of Fire might pick up and take his witty insights elsewhere. Alas, the "film crew" that HeadHoncho made such a big deal about turned out to be a few people with a camcorder, wanting to interview key people in the office. I didn't even have to make use of my SilentWitness mask, because as luck would have it, when HeadHoncho was rounding up my boss to go sit for the interview, I just so happened to be on the phone. I mouthed "sorry!" to HeadHoncho and he went on to hassle my boss. PartnerInCrime saved the day- it was he who was on the phone, calling from another office to complain about how boring the event was that he drove two hours to attend.

However, I do have one mildly interesting morsel for you. Someone commented on my necklace today- my boss. I was about to leave her office and she apparently just noticed it.

MyBoss: Oooh! I like your necklace!

A second look.

MyBoss: Wait... let me see?

I leaned closer to show her.

Me: Isn't it cool?

MyBoss (hesitating): How... cute. I like that frog. That's... cute.

Me: Thanks!

Note to MyBoss- you can ask me about it. For crying out loud you know I read tarot cards, you can't be that surprised. I won't bite you. (Much to SilentHusband's chagrin...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, pentagrams, our misunderstood star... so closely associated with P.A.G.A.Ns* and not pagans.

Mr. Ring of Fire

*P.A.G.A.N. from the film adaptation of "Dragnet" which stands for People Against Goodness And Normalcy.

Listen to the end credits to hear and cringe at the Tom Hanks/Dan Akroyd rap ... yes, "rap".

3:44 PM  

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