Monday, December 12, 2005

Oh yeah, I almost forgot

Remember a while back I mentioned that JerseyGirl was running around the office with a digital camera, collecting pictures of everyone for our queer regional meeting? I guess that wasn't enough. Some genius decided to send film crews to our offices, and that we may be "a part of certain scenes, intentionally, or unintentionally", according to HeadHoncho. Well isn't that special. I responded to his email and said I wouldn't be in tomorrow, since I have to take my cat for his yearly bath at the groomer's.

This can only result in loads of entertainment value. Then again, I could bribe them with mountains of Ghiradelli chocolate so they'll stay the hell away from me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you're better off not being there. Though I'd pay good money if you wore a mask that read "Silent Witness" on it during the festivities. ;)

Mr. Ring of Fire

10:24 PM  

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