Friday, December 16, 2005

Words you shouldn't hear unless you're in a doctor's office:

"Hymen" and "foreskin".

Now that I have your attention... It occurred to me that I completely forgot to related this lovely little tidbit yesterday. Because we here at BlogCompany are a serious business, we get a copy of the Wall Street Journal. Not too many people pay attention to it, with the exception of Musketeer #2, who likes to take it into the bathroom with him for his 3:00 dump. (Come to think of it... that might be why no one else touches it). Yesterday afternoon, he walked into Musketeer #1's office yelling about an article he read in the Journal. Yes, yelling.

Musketeer #2: Holy crap, Musketeer #1 this article is right up your alley.

Musketeer #1: Huh?

Musketeer #2: I was reading the Journal, and look at this! (shakes the paper in his face). A woman had hymen replacement surgery! I didn't even know they could do that! It cost $5,000, what is she thinking!

Musketeer #1: Now wait a minute. If she can do that, I want my foreskin back. (takes the paper and reads the article). It says here she's in her 40's and she did it for an anniversary present for her husband! Nice!

Musketeer #2: You should show it to Mrs. Musketeer #1.

Musketeer #1: Are you kidding? She'd tell me to fuck off.

...and so on.

Later on, Musketeer #2 mentioned the article to my boss.

Musketeer #2: That's ok, you should have seen the article I found in the Wall Street Journal. (looks at me) Do you know about it?

Me: How could I not.

Musketeer #2: Oh. You heard us talking?

Me: Talking? More like yelling. And yes, I heard you.

MyBoss: What? What is it about?

...and the whole thing started all over again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually saw the article last night. The kicker is - you can't have sex for two months while the area heals. So you just gave your husband a replica of something you gave to someone else probably twenty years ago, and he has to wait two months before he can even open it.

Happy fucking anniversary, dear!

Mr. Ring of Fire

1:42 PM  

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