Thursday, February 09, 2006

Great, now there's 2 of them

We've been on a hiring binge lately. I guess there weren't enough loonies in the office, we had to go out and find some more. What better place to look than in Bruce's little black book? HeadHoncho had a brainfart and hired one of Bruce's bodybuilding buddies. This guy is a total knucklehead, so that is what he shall be called from here on in. I had to get his computer all set up on the network, and in the process had to download and install a service pack for his version of Windows, and install Adobe... all of which is quite time consuming. So I got to hear a lot about the bodybuilding business and how 70% of the guys in it are gay. (You trying to tell me something, buddy?) While I was patiently enduring the testosterone onslaught, MiddleAgedHippie walked by, saw me sitting there, and did what every other somewhat sports-conscious guy has done in the last day or so: asked me what I thought about the Tocchet Betting Debacle. Which has now become the Gretzky Betting Debacle because everyone is salivating at the thought of knocking the Great One off his pedestal.

Knucklehead took this opportunity to try to impress me.

Knucklehead: You know, I was at a hockey game last week. It was the BlahBlahs versus the BlahBlahs. There was a bench-clearing brawl. It was awesome.

Me: Reeeeeally? A bench-clearing brawl, huh?

Knucklehead (puffing up): Yep. They all jumped onto the ice and started beating each other.

Me: Hmmm. That's interesting, I'm sure I would have heard about that.

Knucklehead is perplexed.

Me: I mean, a guy so much as thinks about jumping over the boards to join a fight and he's suspended for a week. (ok, exaggeration there, so what).

Knucklehead: Well. Ahhh, maybe they didn't jump off the bench. Maybe it was the guys who were already on the ice. Yeah. They were just going nuts though.

Dude. Ask SilentHusband, ChinaGirl or Mr Ring of Fire- I am the Geek Queen of Hockey Fans. Need to know how many Finnish goalies are in the NHL? Ask me. (There are 9, in case you're curious). I went to a hockey game on my honeymoon. I will run hockey circles around you in my Geek Queendom. Putz.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there are 9 Swedish goalies, name 'em!

(I know you can, I just want to see you do it. ;))

Mr. Ring of Fire

...bench clearing brawl.. what an ultra maroon.

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Naming the Fins and the Swedes is easy. I want you to name all the Canadian goalies. In order by save percentage. :-P


6:04 PM  
Blogger SilentWitness said...

Mr ROF- There are only 3 Swedish goalies: Lundqvist, Hedberg and Tellqvist.

The 9 Finnish goalies are:
Kiprusoff, Toivonen, Noronen, Markkanen, Lehtnonen, Toskala, Ahonen, Niittymaki, and Rinne, in no particular order.

ChinaGirl- *sigh* You know I can't turn down a challenge. In order: Fernandez, Legace, Luongo, Roloson, Brodeur, Giguere, Auld, Burke, Joseph, Sanford, Garon, Biron, Leclaire, Fleury, Turco, Denis, Belfour, Osgood, Ward, Weekes, Labarbera, Garnett, Raycroft, Theodore, Lalime.

Yes, I had to look that up. But I didn't have to look up the Finns and the Swedes. I am SUCH a geek!

7:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

love you anyway my gorgeous looking hockey geek!


9:08 PM  
Blogger Craig said...

You know, I went to a fight once and a hockey game broke out.

9:26 PM  

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