Thursday, March 30, 2006

Eyes on the back of her head

Well folks here I am, all settled in the new office, after two weeks of complete chaos. I am thoroughly enjoying having my very own office, it's nice and quiet in here (until I start playing takcky Euro-pop on my computer), no one to overhear my conversations, and no piercing voice going right through me. At least mostly. I can still hear Jane but all I have to do is close my door and it's like she doesn't even exist. Ahhhhh. She doesn't even come bother me anymore. Her whole demeanor towards me has changed, and I know it's because I have an office. She approaches me with this whole strange fake-deference. But I could care less, because now I don't have to hear about who has upset her this time, or what she overheard someone say, etc.

That type of thing won't stop completely though, as you will soon see. A few days ago, I was in the kitchen, showing her where I had put the coffee cups, and MarketingGal was in there with us. I showed her the cabinet I put the cups in, and mentioned that I had moved one of the shelves up, so they would fit. She said "oh, that was a good idea." I promptly forgot about this conversation, but apparently it was earth-shatteringly important. Several hours later, when Jane and I were in the storage room looking for something, she brought it up out of nowhere.

Jane: Did I offend you earlier in the kitchen?

Me: Huh? No... when?

Jane: When I made the comment about the shelf.

Me: What do you mean?

Jane: When you showed me where you put the cups, and I said of course you moved the shelf up, did you think I was being sarcastic?

Me: No....

Jane: Oh. Well I could feel MarketingGal making faces, so I thought maybe I said something wrong.

Me: What?

Jane: I'm really sensitive. I can tell when people are making faces, even if I can't see them.

Me: Well I didn't see her. But you didn't offend me, I forgot about the whole conversation anyway.

Jane: Well I get hurt really easily because people don't think I know they're making faces about me, but I can tell. I don't even have to see them.

I wonder if she can see the face I'm making right now?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yipes. (For anyone who hasn’t seen this week’s “24” and cares not to know new things – quit reading, now.)

A new girl at CTU (Counter-Terrorist Unit) has a backstory of being sexually harassed by another new guy in the office. As the guy’s a bit freaky, you figure she’s on the level. Then one of the upper ups thanks her for her work and pats her on the arm as he leaves.

She stares at him in a very creepy manner and says “Did you see how he touched me? That was wrong!”

Ah, welcome to Sensitiville. Occupation Jane.

Mr. Ring of Fire

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The women is truly psychotic. I would have suggested she have the conversation with MarketingGal, since she's the one that allegedly made faces...



11:17 AM  

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