Friday, March 17, 2006

Five more days...

And I won't be sitting next to Jane anymore. I cannot wait. I seriously wanted to smack her yesterday morning, and I almost wish I had. See, she goes around telling everyone all the time that she "always says what's on her mind", which she thinks gives her license to blurt out stuff that she probably should keep to herself. Like exactly what she thinks of you.

Thursday morning, the chaos had only just begun (these last few days have been hell), it was early, and I was in the middle of working on something when she came over to ask me to write down how to change a password on our voice mail system, just in case she ever needed to know how to do it some day. I was already exasperated because AngrySally had just given me attitude, and I kind of sighed and said "You need to know this now?" But then I recovered myself and showed her how to do it, and she took notes. Afterward I apologized. Note: this was the polite thing to do. I didn't have to do it. Next time I won't.

Me: Sorry... AngrySally just really annoyed the heck out of me right before you came in here.

Jane: You know, I never know how to read you lately. You're jumpy. (pause) You ARE!

Me (staring at her in disbelief): Uhh... yeah.... well we're moving.

Jane: Everyone's moving you know, it's not just you SilentWitness.

Me (to her back as she walked away because I guess she thought she should have the last word): Yeah you're right. And everyone's jumpy. Well I was just apologizing, I guess I shouldn't have done that.


Who the *$&) does she think she is? I'm apologizing to you, acknowledging that I shouldn't have been snippy, and this is how you respond to that? Earth to Jane... moving is stressful. I'm not saying that gives me or anyone license to go around being a supreme c-word to everyone (see: AngrySally), but that's just human nature. Sometimes people snap at other people when they're stressed. It happens. And you should gracefully accept someone's apology- it's not as if I chopped off your pinky for crying out loud. And what I said wasn't even that bad. Believe me, it could have been a lot bitchier. Sorry I don't have a shiny happy plastic fake annoying-voice Pollyanna mask on all day everyday, you brazen hussy.

But things aren't all stress and cat-fights in BlogCompany-ville. Just this afternoon, as I walked down the hall I came upon MarketingGal, who was holding a bright orange plastic "dolly" that the crate company people had left so we could more easily maneuver our piles of packed crates. These are slightly more sophisticated than the typical four-boards-nailed-together-covered-with-carpet-with-wheels-attached type dollies that the movers use. At any rate, she and I looked at each other and I swear we both had the same idea at the same time. She put the dolly on the floor, I sat on it, and she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me all the way down the hall, both of us giggling like schoolgirls. We sailed past the kitchen and heard bursts of laughter follow us past the doorway. At the end of the hall, breathless from running and giggling, MarketingGirl said "That was awesome!" I told her it was her turn- so she got on the dolly and I ran back down the hall, pushing her. I think we invented a new sport: office luge. The best part about this little foray into silliness is that it occurred to us that by Wednesday next week, all of the cubes will be broken down. We'll have a huge long open space, a stack of crates and dollies, and several admins milling around without much to do. This should be interesting.

Not even a half hour after that, PartnerInCrime and I were in the storage room, marveling at how much stuff the movers had taken out, and he got the brilliant idea to get on one of their dollies (the crappy carpet-covered kind) and start trying to move around in a circle. I grabbed the other one and did likewise, only I kept crashing into him. So we ended up having a good session of "bumper dollies". Ahh yes, the things you do to amuse yourself to keep from breaking your co-workers' necks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what you need to do next is find a way to joust on those things. There's a MAXIM or FHM or some guy's magazine where it is all about "office olympics". You shoudl check it out.

And of course you can always showcase your goalie skills by sitting on one of those and having people try to throw crumpled up pieces of paper past you into a bucket. :)

Mr. Ring of Fire

11:04 PM  

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