Thursday, April 20, 2006

Knucklehead lives up to his name

Since Knucklehead downloaded a virus from God-knows-where and destroyed his computer, he had to get a new one. I was at his desk configuring it to the network and installing software, and he was gone for most of the time, but he came back before I finished, and we had to make conversation. You’ll recall this is the guy who tried to tell me he witnessed a bench-clearing brawl at a hockey game, and though he professes to be a fan of a certain team, really doesn’t know squat about them, as I have demonstrated to him on more than one occasion. So here we are, about to start the most exciting part of hockey, the “second season”, the playoffs, and I couldn’t be more pumped. Too bad he opened his mouth.

Knucklehead: So… I bet you’re sad that hockey season is over.

Me: No…. I’m not sad, because MyTeam is in the playoffs. This is when things get really good. Actually… they’re playing YourTeam in the first round. I’m surprised you didn’t know that…

Knucklehead: Uh… yeah. So, are you going to any games?

(MyTeam is not a local team. Hence, I have to endure a lot of trash-talking from the fans of HisTeam, which getting even more fun now that the two teams ended up facing each other in the first round of the playoffs)

Me: No, the tickets are too expensive.

Knucklehead (puffs himself up): Well…. I could probably get you some tickets.

Me: Really? That would be cool.

Knucklehead: Two of the people I train have season tickets. Sometimes they give me tickets instead of paying me.

Me: I highly doubt they’re going to be giving these tickets away. This is a really big deal.

Knucklehead: Well.. I’ll see. You never know.

Me: Well thanks, that would be really nice.

Now… if he does manage to get the tickets, since he professes to be a fan of this local team, I guess that kind of means I have to go WITH him, since he was nice enough to get the tickets. Oh the sacrifices we make to see our team in the playoffs... I'm sure I don't even have to worry about it though. The chances of season ticket holders giving up tickets to a playoff game are slim. Of course, they are fans of ThatTeam. They can't be all that smart. *smirk*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah ha! You didn't watch enough "Friends" in the 90's. He said he could get you tickets - not that he would go with you! If he does get two tickets (yeah, right), say "Oh this is so terrific, Silent Husband is going to be so happy that we'll be able to get to go to a playoff game together. Wow, that was so sweet, Blockhe- I mean, the Coworker Formerly Known as Blockhead!"

Mr. Ring of Fire

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooooooooo just wait until silenthusband hears you are going to a hockey game with someone other than he.

5:56 PM  

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